Alicia le Wilfulle

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Resides: Shire of False Isle, Tir Righ
Date Started: 2000
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Elevated to Laurel at 12th Night AS42 (Jan 12, 2008). Formerly Apprenticed to Mistress Linnet Kestrel.

Former Laurel to Constance de Montbard (who was elevated to Laurel Nov 30, 2013). Took Rose Cam-beul as apprentice Nov 30, 2013.

Became An Tir A&S Champion March 7, 2010. Became member of the Order of the Raven of Tir Righ July 9, 2011. Successfully completed the Golden Swan persona challenge Oct 7, 2012.

Currently Branch Herald for the Shire of False Isle. Has also been a principality consulting herald, principality submission herald, principality scribe and coronet scribe (all for Tir Righ).

Alicia is one of those creative sorts who is interested in many things and tries her hand at almost all of them. Due to an excellent eye and steady hand, she has made some lovely pretty things, their fairness not belying their usefulness. A woman of talent, she is also active in rapier arts, and not to be underestimated upon the field. She is often found in the company of the single most shy and mild-mannered Bard of the Known World, the retiring Stephen of Hunmanby.

Her personal website is

  • Briana

I am no longer active in the rapier arts (bad knee) but am constantly finding new areas to explore in the arts. I've become quite addicted to pewter casting (with soapstone molds) which currently my predominant passion. I'm also exploring tablet weaving and fingerloop braiding, with some side journeys into leather, wire weaving, scribal arts, sprang, applique, embroidery, etc.

  • Alicia