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Aleyndemo.jpg Persona:

Born an English Yeoman in the area of York; he later chose to serve King Stephen against Empress Matilda. Fortune was good enough to him to bring him rank and small lands on which to support himself and his family. Aside from local administration, his main task now lies in the finding of a goodly marriage for his daughter, his only child.

He styles himself a Gentleman Pyper and maker of devices musical.


Caius Senica (roman britain), Nachin Cholman (mongol) Omar ibn Rashid al-Murbak (southern arabian), Rory macDirk.

Joined the society in A.S. 15 (fall of 1980)in the Shire of Myrgan Wood, then in Midrealm, now Avacal, An Tir.

AOA: A.S. 18, newly created Barony of Myrgan Wood, Middle Kingdom.

Married to Anicia De Dore since 1985CE. Daughter Annya Tiecia Wychington.

Helped to found the Shire of Cragmere in mundane year 1995 upon moving to courtenay/comox. This shire is now rolled into the joint Shire of Hartwood. Seneschal till the week before Cragmere was awarded full shirehood. Took a few years sabbatical from the society due to seneschal's burnout and to recover from various family crisis'. In the meantime concentrating on his falconry, brewing and learning the practise of English Quarterstaff from late period documentation.

Over the years he has autocrated or feastocrated countless events.

Jambe de Lion June 11 AS 40 / 2005

Apprenticed to Master Stephen of Hunmamby at Antir kingdom Bardic 2008

Was awarded L'Etoile d'Argent Dec 6 AS 43 / 2008

Elevated to the Order of the Laurel July 21 AS 47 / 2012


In the past his main passion was dancing, having served as dance master in Myrgan Wood and Cragmere. His health no longer allows this activity. Today he has supplanted dancing with piping for the dancers and is slowly transcribing dance tunes for A pitch pipes.

He also has been games master of Cragmere. He also taught many action games till health again stepped in.

Currently he is best known as Aleyn the Instrument Maker; producing both strings and woodwind instruments. His passion is to extensively research and then produce well functioning instruments and get them into SCA hands as inexpensively as possible. His interest began when as a life long piper (he started piping at the age of 7)he could no longer play great pipes due to health and began to explore the possibility of making other less lung intensive instruments. The obviousness of his lack of woodworking knowledge failed to stop him from success. Then others started asking him to make other instruments for them and in his continuing (though lessening) ignorance he did.

He has also taught instruments and instrument history at Ithra and Tutr.

He has built one of the most rare instruments in the world the Organistrum. at the time of construction there were only seven full size instruments in the world.

He produces:

Various bagpipes -Late medieval Scottish -Scottish Smallpipes -English Longpipe -Swedish Sackpipa -Duerer pipes

Cornamuses Dordrect recorders Scottish Piobhorns (means hornpipe and is the ancestor of the modern practise chanter) Northern European Lyres. Saxon Harps. Gothic Harps. Epinettes Cytole Tromba Marina And a growing array of others.

He is also now again playing for dancers at events using a variety of instruments.

He can usually be find in his shop pouring over illuminations saying "OH OH OH, I gotta make one of those!"

Aleyn's newest interest is Rapier and is the MOB of the Shire of Hartwood.