Alainne de Lacy

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Mistress Alainne de Lacy A.K.A. Dame Spydrbaet

In A.S. 30, finding myself with more free time and the having always wondered about the SCA, based on conversations with my baby sister HL Sannon Cairngorn and her husband HL Keryk Wolfram; I learned there was a meeting called Open Castle occurring in the Barony of Terra Pomaria on my birthday. Since they were attending I jumped at the chance to go and see what the SCA was all about….At Open Castle my sister and her husband presented me with a birthday present, a copy of “The Known World Handbook”

I was hooked, yes, I am a self confessed SCA junkie.My daughter HL Adrianne De La Moure (AKA HL Adrianne von Brandenburg) and I decided that the SCA was a perfect opportunity to spend time together and do something we both enjoyed. We sent off our membership fees and jumped in with both feet, and I know both of us have never regretted that decision.

I have always been Alainne since my first event, the Feast of Melting Icicles in AS 30. Over the years my name has morphed and changed with my experiences in the SCA. First was Alainne Spydrbaet ~I seem to attract the attention of Brown Recluse spiders and others of the spider family. In my encampment, usually before it is all set up, there is always a spider busy spinning a web. Hence my Baron and Brother in Law started calling me Spydrbaet. Not heraldically correct, but definitely true. Believe me I tried to pass it but the Heralds insisted there was no such thing, at least not in medieval times…

Then came my first attempt at having a name consistent with my persona of a mid 13th Century Norman Lady. Not remembering my high school French very well I chose Alainne la Gras, ie Alainne the Gross, (not my best effort, but it did lead to some interesting discussions of the French language) I was going for Alainne the Green, imagine my surprise when I typed la Gras into my search engine and discovered the French website for “The Legalization of Marijuana”

Next, I actually did some research and chose my current name Alainne de Lacy. Which has ensured me of SCA cousins, most of which I have not yet met, but look forward to meeting in the future. Currently I am trying to recapture my health and am enjoying doing stealth scribal things on the side. See also: User:Alainne